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MCN Show 18th-20th May 2018

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Finally get to sit down for a bit and boy do I need it!! Three mad weekends on the bounce have left us all feeling a little shattered.

MCN show was a good get together again, really enjoyable. Its still not quite where the old BMF was but its still a good weekend. There are a few pics below and one in particular we should all be pretty proud of is the 'highly commended' award for our club stand (someone will have some better pics) which was only beaten by the Virago Star owners club and then it was only because they had 28 bikes on show. They didn't do anything to their stand as such. So well done to the 8 who were there!! So we were only beaten by a national owners club who charge for membership and blow 14k a year on running the club! I think we did pretty well considering.

Oh and lets not forget the low flying Lancaster in its nice shiny new paint work! That was a real treat.

Thank you everyone for coming, I know we were short of a few regulars but I have always said this club is about quality not quantity, I never wanted hundreds of members with only a few participating, its much better to have a small membership with the majority getting together regularly and having a blast, which we did. Thanks crewcut, Flyer, Miss Vicky, Gnasher, Mrs Minty, Lucy and Jack for all of your help with putting up and taking down of the stand you're all fantastic.

Looking forward to next year now. Thanks again guys.

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