Shadow Crew


Where did it all start?

The newest meeting place for Shadow Owners on the web. We started out life as a forum set up to offer rallies and meets for Honda Shadow Owners. The Shadow Crew is here to provide a place to come together and have a bit of banter. Be warned there will be colourful language but what do you expect, sensitive souls enter at your own risk, this isnít a Sunday school choir! In February 2019 the forum was shutdown and this new static website was created as an alternative placeholder on the web to the forum.

The forum format just wasnt working, there are lots of vibrant communities out there but for us, this just wasnt working. We do however have a FB page to show details of the club and a Group to chat with other Crew members

The forum just wasn't generating the traffic that I had hoped when originally started. The fact is that a rethink was required to keep the Crew alive! I mean this wasn't just a forum it was an absolute effort to get Shadow riders out on their bikes and meeting up. That is exactly what this site will continue to do, get the information out to those shadow riders that want to meet up. Coupled with our other social media presence I dont think the flow of information will suffer. Just click the social media icons above to be taken to our respective sites.

We will also strive to bring the community together at meetings, days out and rallies. During the year we hope to take this on the road and meet as many of you as possible. So organise a meet get a few fellow Shadow riders together and we will come and meet you. Wherever you are, from the deepest darkest corners of the country we will endeavour to meet. If you are further away than a 3 hour ride than a bed for the night would be very welcome. In return we hope to see you at our rallies to share a drink and some laughs.

What we are trying to create is a solid bond of like minded people who all share in a common love for the Shadow. We want you to stay and enjoy the fun. What we donít want is to promote a transient community, so stay and participate. This wont be for everyone, we understand that and it's your decision to stay involved or not. We hope you stay and join our small but enthusiastic Crew.

We can be found all over the place and various shows and events our members, no doubt will attend many, many more. The nature of the club and the fact there are only so many Shadow owners on the road will mean many of these meets may not be on your doorstep, it will involve some effort but don't let that put you off, I am sure you will be rewarded. As this is a national club, geographically it may mean that some members will meet more often than others but if there is an event near you let us know and we will try to sort out a club stand and help out in any way we can.

Not everyone is going to be as passionate about the Shadow marque as we are, some maybe more so, the fact that you have found us suggests the Shadow means more to you than just another ride. So regardless of how long you have been riding, the engine size or how technically gifted you are, this is the place for you. You may just want to meet up with fellow Shadow riders and enjoy a few laughs or exchange information. Whatever your reasons this is most definitely the place for you. Our aim, the thing we would like to be judged on, is how successful we are in getting people together but more than that we really want to make friendships that last.

So the Shadow Crew is here but who is behind it? What it is? Why is it needed and when do things happen? Lots of questions, hopefully I can give you some insight into the club and answer some of these questions at the same time.

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1. WHO?
Dean and Minty were pretty much the start of this fantastic club. Now it's probably fair to say it's Minty! That's not to say there isn't a lot of help on rally weekends from various people!

A special mention to James for his excellent work with design and images and the support offered through the initial testing stages. Furthermore thank you for agreeing to come on board in a more hands on role and help with the day to day running of the club.

I would also like to thank Cookie for his web hosting advice and help when things went wrong in the early days (which was often), check out his blog here.

2. WHAT?
Predominately its roots are based as a rally club. We really want to promote getting together at some of the best events up and down the country. We hope to pick a rally from North, East, South and West to attend as a club as well our own club organised rallies. We will also be at a number of one day events. Ultimately we want to encourage people to go out and meet other riders with similar interests. This is a Shadow owners club but our members could ride anything.

3. WHEN?
Throughout the year we will meet but obviously these will be more frequent during the summer months.

Both Dean and I were moderators of another forum, I still am. We both felt that we could build something new, we knew there was room for another Owners club and decided to start the Shadow Crew to organise rallies and other events. This was around 2013/14. Since then Dean has suffered with his health and because of this became less involved in the (other) owners club which ultimately led him to give up his moderation role. He has since been reinventing himself as The Vaping Biker and even has his own you tube channel. God help us all!! Don't fret, he hasn't disappeared completely.

So, with all this going on I decided to forge ahead and try to make a go of the Shadow Crew. This will give us the freedom to organise rallies, invest in the club as and when we have funds available and to try to promote the club in a positive, proactive way that encourages membership to grow and also promotes member involvement.

You might ask "so what is the thing that makes the Shadow Crew special? Well, apart from our members I think the fact that this club will be run and maintained by people who have a passion for Shadows is a big plus. They will be available through social media, our contact page and by email if needed as well as at events and will be accessible to our members. We will be actively involved in the club on all levels.

We are in no way in competition with any other club or forum for Shadow owners. We feel the Shadow Crew will offer something else, something different. Although the original forum and chat format was familiar, it just didn't work and it's out in the real world we hope to make the difference. We hope to compliment the existing groups already out there.

As far as we are aware we will be the only Shadow owners club organising rallies and events in the UK. If you want to meet in a field somewhere in the future then this is the place to do it.

So give us a try, what have you got to lose?