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Welcome to the Shadow Crew.

Congratulations on finding the newest, best and most enthusiastic Shadow Owners Club out there!
A forum set up to offer rallies and meets for Honda Shadow Owners in the UK.

The club will be attending many events during the year, including two of our own. A 3 day rally the weekend after the May bank holiday, the "Out of the Shadows" Rally and a 4 day rally, the "Dim Creeper" usually the 3rd weekend in September. Our members, no doubt will attend many, many more. The nature of the club and the fact there are only so many Shadow owners on the road will mean many of these meets may not be on your doorstep, it will involve some effort but don't let that put you off, I am sure you will be rewarded. As this is a national club, geographically it may mean that some members will meet more often than others but if there is an event near you let us know and we will try to sort out a club stand and help out in any way we can.

Not everyone is going to be as passionate about the Shadow marque as we are, some maybe more so, the fact that you have found us suggests the Shadow means more to you than just another ride. So regardless of how long you have been riding, the engine size or how technically gifted you are, this is the place for you. You may just want to meet up with fellow Shadow riders and enjoy a few laughs or exchange information. Whatever your reasons this is most definitely the place for you.

Our aim, the thing we would like to be judged on, is how successful we are in getting people together but more than that we really want to make friendships that last.

L & R Shadow Crew Team

Come and join the fun!

**Please note we are NOT an MC, MCC, RC or any other form of a 'patch' club. We are NOT affiliated in any way with any MC, MCC, RC or any other 'patch' club.
We are also in no way connected to the crime syndicate forum of the same name responsible for identity theft and fraud**